ARSENAL VG33 Free 3d Model

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ARSENAL VG33 Free 3d Model


Color scheme: Arme de l’Air – 1940


Textures: Raw RGB, diffuse, specular, reflection, transparency and two bump maps
Textures size: 8k
The archive includes two additional Raw RGB textures (clean and custom) and decals to customize your model.
Modeling, texturing and setup are all made with Lightwave 2015. The scene and the model are compatible starting from Lightwave 11.x. Due to a different way to handling texture values, probably you have to correct texture settings when using the object with other software.
Regarding the textures, I suggest you do not use the Diffuse Map I provide unless you need a static render.
Inside Images folder there is the Custom subfolder where you can find two additional color textures (clean and custom) and some decals.
The clean version is the same as the original one without scratches and dirty.
The custom version has only the camouflage colors without decals, scratches and dirty to permit you to customize your aircraft.


Inside the Lightwave scene, there is a basic setup with controls that allows you to animate ailerons, flaps, rudder, elevators, landing gears, propeller, and other stuff. You can pick each item using the simple interface framed by the camera named ‘Controls Selection Camera’. When you open the scene you will find this interface on the right side of the screen.
If you animate the model, for a better result, in the Surface Editor you may activate (for each surface) the Edit Nodes where I set up an Ambient Occlusion node linked to the Diffuse channel.


The Blender scene has a basic setup with controls that allows you to animate ailerons, flaps, rudder, elevators, landing gears, propeller, and other stuff.


The Fbx file has been exported with Lightwave. When you open it with other software you may need to retouch texture settings. The Fbx file includes the object with the original Lightwave setup with bones linked to the weight maps.
The Fbx file is compatible with HOUDINI (bones setup and UV textures).


As for the Fbx file, you may need to retouch or reassign texture maps when open the Obj file with different software.

In any case, the object has a unique UV map. To reassign textures you only have to load texture maps and assign each of them to the respective channel with the UV (color, diffuse, specular, etc.)

Legal Notice: The intellectual property depicted in this model , including the brand “arsenal aircraft”, is not affiliated with or endorsed by the original rights holders.
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3D Model Specifications

  • Geometry: Polygonal
  • Polygons: 165,285
  • Vertices: 173,338
  • Textures: Yes
  • Materials: No
  • Rigged: Yes
  • Animated: No
  • UV Mapped: Yes
  • Unwrapped UVs: Yes, non-overlapping

Available Formats

Native Application:
  • Lightwave 2015: Default Scanline 2015
Converted Formats:
  • Blender 2.79: Cycles Render
  • Lightwave 2018: Default Scanline 2018
Exchange Formats:
  • OBJ
  • FBX

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